The Lord is my Shepherd

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Easter is the celebration of how Jesus was once dead and is now alive! But theEaster story can be our story as well. Though we find ourselves "dead" in our sins, Jesus can make us "alive" again. And when we are at the end of our rope, God graciously pursues us and rearranges our life in a way we never thought possible.


Our children's ministry is growing, and we want to grow with it! As we revamp and grow our capacity to show the next generation real relationships with people and Jesus, we have exciting things to share with you. Join us as we invite you to participate in the next wave of shepherding our kids in the name of Jesus.

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Jesus is the Good Shepherd protecting His flock. But in a change of the metaphor, he also told us he laid down his life on our behalf and took it up again. Join us as we see that the Good Shepherd became the lamb slain so that we could rejoice as His redeemed people forever

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Sheep know the voice of their shepherd. They don't ever follow the voice of a stranger because they do not trust strangers. What if we Christians chose to only listen to the voice of God and never followed the other voices who want to lead us to destruction? Join us as we identify the difference between the voices that want to destroy us and the voice of the One who wants to take care of us.