Somebody said, "The Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints." Community of Hope, then, is a place where all of us find support and healing in our lives so that we can invest ourselves fully into the work of the Kingdom of God. Join us as we articulate our vision for the future as God's people doing God's work in our communities and around the world.

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Where are you going? Most of us just try to get through the countless things demanded of us in the week, let alone have time for such frustrating questions. But God wants to re-shape our imaginations in order to give purpose and passion to all that we do. God wants us to pursue the Kingdom of God, the places where Jesus is present and joy, peace, justice, and righteousness are found. Join us as we cover that the Kingdom of God lays claim to everything about us because it is that amazing!

"Who Are We?" God has given those of us in His family a corporate identity that we share together. We are much stronger together than we would ever be by ourselves. Join us  as we see that each of us has an invaluable role to play in God's Church.

"Who are you?" God wants us to answer this question based upon the access we've gained to God through Jesus and the access we give to others because of what Jesus has done for us. The Bible paints a beautiful mosaic of our identity in Christ that is both overwhelming and refreshing.

Pastor Jeremy is back from his sabbatical. From the mountains of Tennessee he was asking God to speak in a fresh way. He shares how God answered a gut-level question we probably all ask at times in our lives: "God, am I good enough...?" Join us as we honestly create space to hear God's answer!