Peer Pressure

What does a "real man" look like? There's plenty of pressure to fit a certain kind of description, but God's definition is simple: a real man is one with character and integrity. This Father's Day, we contrast the character of King Saul and the anointed King David and see that meekness is not weakness; meekness is a humble patience with God's timing and God's plan.

Have you ever been thrust into the middle of something you weren't sure you were ready to do? That's how Saul felt when he is made the first king of Israel. Just like us, God asked Saul to trust Him and obey Him so that things would go well for him and the nation of Israel. However, Saul's leadership turns tragic because of Saul's unwillingness to fully trust God. We see that you cannot partially obey God and expect His full endorsement in your life.

We want the best for the next generation, but do we take the time to show God's best to the next generation? As we study the life of Samuel this week, we'll see that the next generation will embrace what we prioritize and reject what we trivialize. We courageously seek to honor God in the face of intense peer pressure to do the opposite.

Sometimes the most obviously gifted people are not the best leaders. The story of Samson in Judges 13-16 reminds us that true strength is measured not in outward qualities, but in one's trust in God. We rediscover how God powerfully works through his people to accomplish his purposes despite their many inadequacies.

Everyone talks about what they "are going to do." Few people seem to follow through and act. God doesn't mind us asking questions when we have fear or doubts, as long as we continue walking forward. Join us as we see the story of Gideon that God doesn't care about our private commitments as much as out public actions.

Ever find yourself wishing you had the abilities of someone else? When times get difficult, it is not the most gifted that succeed but rather the most courageous! The Bible is filled with unlikely heroes who leverage their weakness to become a strength and become a powerful change agent around them. We study one of the judges who teaches us that godly influence depends more upon your courage than your charisma or natural abilities.

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Someone once said, "A smart man learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Wouldn't it be better if we didn't have to learn painful life lessons by experiencing them ourselves? As we begin to study the book of Judges, we will glean wisdom to help us in our lives. Join us as we see that when we find ourselves on the "sin merry-go-round", we need to get of!

While some people crave leadership, many people have misgivings about being called leaders. In a world pushing against God, however, we need leadership more than ever. As we begin a new, often unpalatable look in the Old Testament we will honestly look at how each of us are called to lead someone against the grain and toward godliness. Join us Sunday at 9:30am as we see that godly people understand who's watching them and who's leading them.