He is not Here
For He Has Risen!

When a church acts radically different than the way other people act, there is a magnetic attraction that others want to join. If we are doing what God has called us to do--just as the church in Acts 2--there will be natural growth and synergy over time. This is appropriate because it is Jesus' Church, not ours! Join us Sunday at 9:30am as we answer the question, "What if Community of Hope isn't 'my' church or 'your' church, but 'His' Church?"

Not too many people are going to say praying and reading the Bible shouldn't be part of Christian's life. But too many Christians don't make praying and reading the Bible part of their lives! God wants to speak to His children regularly, but it requires us to take the time to listen. Join us as we answer the question, "What if God would speak more frequently if we would listen more intently?"

Part of being community is sharing our resources with each other. But this creates potential stress and anxiety sometimes. Can we talk about our money and possessions without stirring up jealousy and guilt? Is there a way for us to get past our initial feelings and suspicions about this conversation? Join us Sunday at 9:30am as we ask the question, "What if everything we own is simply on loan from God?" 

The early church witnessed an explosion of numerical growth and spiritual energy that is perhaps unparalleled in the past 2000 years. Are there explainable, repeatable patterns we could imitate in order to tap into the success of this bygone era? The book of Acts gives us clues if we're willing to re-learn some things about being disciples of Jesus. Join us Sunday at 9:30am as we ask the question, "What if our dining rooms were more effective places for discipleship that the church auditorium?"


What if the Christian life were better caught than merely taught? Just because someone knows the rules of a game doesn't mean they can play the game well. Just because someone read a book about heart surgery doesn't mean you want them to perform your heart surgery! And just because someone knows some things the Bible says doesn't mean they know how to become a mature follower of Jesus. Join us as we see that we need to "show and tell" each other what it looks like to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. 

What if surrender was the doorway into true freedom? Would you relinquish control if you knew that an unspeakable power and peace would then come into your life? Join us as we continue our study of Acts 2 and see that the power of Jesus Christ is stronger than any bondage we can experience.


Every great movement begins with a question: "What if...?" So what if there was more to what we call "church" and "God" than we've ever experienced? What if once we experienced "more" we would never go back to the way things used to be? We ask the question, "What if God's surprises were doorways into His blessings?"