Loose the Chains


We've spent the last 9 weeks talking about "loosing the chains" of injustice for many groups of marginalized people. We've heard many different voices addressing the topic. What do we do now? Is this a passing fad; a topic we'll put in the archives to be forgotten? Or will this be a defining point in our church? Join us as we look into the future and commit ourselves to faithfully following through to listen, learn, lament, lead, and labor on behalf of injustice in the name of Jesus!


There may not be any group more vulnerable in this world than those without a mom or dad to care for them. Orphans are among those God clearly told us to care for in our world (James 1:27). This "Orphan Sunday" will be a chance to learn about how each of us can play a part in eradicating the orphan crisis in our world. Each of us can do something to "loose the chains" of injustice for kids who desperately need someone to intervene on their behalf.

This past week in NYC, there was another terrorist attack on our soil. This tragedy reminds us of the challenge we have as followers of Jesus to wrestle with what we are to do with immigrants, refugees, and those who invoke "terror" in us. Join us this Sunday at 10am as we talk about a Christian response to the immigrants and refugees that come to our own backyard of Fort Wayne.


There is nothing like spending time with friends visiting from out of town! Mike, Connie, and Tiffany Tabor from The Happy Church will join us Sunday and add insight into how we can get busy helping "loose the chains" of injustice where they serve in the poorest region of the US. We will also unveil several action steps we are taking to begin doing something about these injustices. Join us Sunday at 10am, as we continue to learn how to be a blessing other people, near and far, with the love of Jesus.