Is there any place left in our culture to disagree and still accept and love each other as people? Is there a place where everyone ought to refuse to let judgment supersede unconditional love and genuine acceptance? If there's such a place, it is supposed to be the Church! Join us Sunday at 9:30am as we learn that God has called His people to a higher standard, and better way of life, than the negativity and moral superiority we are seeing in our culture.


No one wakes up in the morning desiring to suffer pain and agony. But it is a daily part of life. Instead of avoiding suffering at all costs, God desires that we see our circumstances through His eyes. Join us as we learn how joy emerges from our suffering as faith erodes our fears.

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We are all bombarded with messages each day. With the onslaught of information we absorb, how do we know that what we believe, how we act and talk, and what we do pleases God? How do we know we aren't being lied to or deceived? God gave us the Bible not to be admired on our bookshelf, but to nourish our hearts and our minds toward godliness and spiritual health. 

We live in a culture-even among Christians-which idealizes "radical" practices while devaluing the mundane aspects of life. But this kind of thinking doesn't come from God. Instead, God calls for radical thinking about the mundane responsibilities of life. Join us as we get "gritty" about what will really change the world in Jesus' name (especially in our corner of it).

There's something about people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They have a certain "grit" to them that is endearing. The next few weeks we are going to look at a few texts that are not complicated, but have tremendous potential for good in our lives. However, they require a certain amount of grit. Listen here to see how the right kind of conversation can move others toward Jesus (while the wrong kind of conversation has the opposite effect).