White as Snow

Jesus came to earth to shine a light in the midst of a dark world filled with sin and death. Those who come to God through faith in Jesus are called the light of the world. Join us Saturday evening at 4pm as we celebrate the coming of the light and the privilege of sharing the light with a world desperately in need of hope and healing.

They say that behind every storm is a rainbow. The story of Christmas is the rainbow following the storm of God's righteous judgment against His rebellious people. And it's the story of enduring hope because God would not abandon the world He loved so much. Instead, he'd dwell among it as King.

Is God mean? If not, then why does He make a big deal about sin? The story of Christmas is a reminder that God does everything in His power to be reconciled to sinners like us. Join us as we see that God does judge sin, but His motivation is to restore us to a relationship with Himself. And because of Jesus, we can be forgiven!

Christmas is the annual reminder of the birth of the Christ-child--Jesus. We read the story backwards, knowing that this child grew to become a man who would put the weight of sin on his shoulders by dying on a cross as an innocent sacrifice. But have you ever read the story forward, through the eyes of those who did not yet know how the story would end? This Advent season we will read the story of Jesus' birth by first reading the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Join us as we see a faithful God heartbroken over His faithless people, yet executing His perfect plan to rescue His prized creation.