Exploring the Depths of Proverbs


The Proverbs were not meant to just be admired for their brilliance; they were meant to be grasped and applied. As we begin this week to dive down into the depths of specific proverbs, we begin with Proverbs 24:27:
"Put your outdoor work in order
and get your fields ready;
after that, build your house."

Join us as we dive deep into the difference between focusing more on life preparation than on life planning and how a simple shift could radically change your life.

Made Alive With Christ - Colossians 4:1-6

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Our world understands judgment. We talk a lot about fairness. We expect reward and punishment according to what people deserve. But what we all long for is grace. As we conclude our series in the book of Colossians this week, we'll see that we have what the world is desperately seeking but doesn't understand -- grace. Join us as we see that grace shines brightest when judgment is expected.

Made Alive With Christ - Colossians 2:1-7

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To be a Christian is to willingly, daily surrender yourself under the Lordship of Jesus. (That is at least what the Apostle Paul thought.) The lack of emphasis in the Church today on this essential aspect of Christian living has profound consequences. As we continue our study in Colossians 2, we’ll see the implications of what it means to live as though “Jesus is Lord.” We see that no one should have to guess whether Jesus is Lord of your life or not.

Made Alive With Christ - Colossians 1:21-29

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Jesus is not just a person who did helpful things, taught wise things, or makes us feel good in our times of weakness. He is the Healer who reconciles our broken relationship with the God of the Universe. He is the one whom our lives should imitate because he is Wisdom. He is the one through whom our lives have purpose and hope. Join us as we shine a spotlight on "the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27).

Made Alive With Christ - Colossians 1:15-20

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We talk about Jesus, sing songs to Jesus, and otherwise refer to Jesus with such familiarity at times that we can lose our sense of wonder and awe. We risk squeezing Jesus into our preferred categories to make him what we want him to be. As we continue our study in Colossians, we’ll see that the Apostle Paul fixates our imaginations on a Jesus who is never safe, but also who never fails. At the heart of this understanding of Jesus is his passion to use his church for his glory.

Made Alive With Christ - Colossians 1:1-14

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There’s something refreshing about having someone believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves. That’s what the Apostle Paul does to the insignificant congregation in the insignificant community at Colossae. As we begin our study through the book of Colossians, we will see in the opening verses that God wants us to grow, not be perfect. Join us as we see that focusing on spiritual growth will help us rise to our full potential, rather than focusing on an unattainable standard.

Made Alive With Christ - Reconciliation & Participation

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Our theme as a church in 2019 is "Made Alive With Christ" (Colossians 2:13; Ephesians 2:4). Last week we begin a two-part series unpacking the kaleidoscope of word pictures God uses in the New Testament to help us understand His great love for us. When we understand His love, we understand our identity; when we understand our identity, we live out our destiny. Join us Sunday at 10am as we continue looking through the biblical kaleidoscope and see further into the
depths of the profound love of God and respond with worship
and gratitude.

Made Alive With Christ


What impact does faith in Jesus have in our lives? The answer is so rich and beautiful that the Bible uses many different word pictures and metaphors to describe it. The end result is that we are "made alive with Christ" through faith, but what does that look like right now? We launch our theme for 2019 and begin our exploration of the depths of what it means to be "made alive with Christ!”



In recent years “adulting” has entered the popular vocabulary. It’s usually used to describe the mundane, but responsible behaviors our society has come to expect from independent adults. While we might understand these social norms, and most of us understand the impact of aging, many of us don’t know what it looks like to be spiritually mature. Join us on Sunday at 10am as we explore what it means to crave maturity.


We may not all like sports, but we understand the difference between being "in the game" and "in the stands" watching the game. The Church is not designed to be a spectator sport, but rather a mission we all participate in together. The mission of God is to shine the light of Jesus and His Kingdom all the time and in every way. Do you crave an opportunity to be "in the game?" Join us Sunday at 10am as we spotlight a couple ministries at CofH (including the team who recently returned from Haiti) and see that God designed each of us to participate in His work, not merely to be spectators of His work.

What do we crave? Are our cravings healthy or do they lead us into controlling and destructive thoughts and behaviors? How do we learn to crave the "pure spiritual milk" that we talked about last Sunday which nourishes us and helps us to grow? Join us as we explore the importance of craving a relationship with Jesus. We will discover that only through a deep and personal friendship with Jesus can we realize true spiritual growth that results in joy, peace, and purpose in our life.


Most of us understand our physical cravings for certain foods, but do we understand our spiritual cravings? If we simply give into whatever cravings we have, we end up consuming unhealthy, ungodly, destructive things. If we learn to channel our cravings toward godly things, the best things in life become more attainable. Join us as we begin the new year identifying the things we need to crave in order to become who God wants us to become.

Immanuel; The Turning Point in His-Story


What did Jesus mean when he said it was for our good that he leaves this earth (John 16:7)? When Jesus ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, the Holy Spirit arrived during the Festival of Pentecost (Acts 2). This momentous day has significance for us today. Join us Sunday at 10am as we conclude 2018 with the reality that Jesus' coming 2000 years ago--and going!--was, in fact, the turning point in His-story!


Christmas is the celebration of JOY. It transcends our feelings, our problems, our setbacks, and our disappointments. It's a reminder that Jesus came to earth to bring us lasting joy. He came to rescue us from sin and to change our hearts from the inside out. Join us Sunday at 10am as we light the Advent Candle of Joy and celebrate Jesus, the bringer of joy throughout the season and all throughout the year.


Is experiencing peace really possible? This Sunday we celebrate the Advent of Peace and are reminded that Jesus came to earth to bring us peace. If we are unclear about what happens when we die, we'll never have peace no matter how wonderful our circumstances may feel. Can we know for certain what happens after death? Join us as we see that what you believe about your future after death determines your peace in the present.


Immanuel--"God with Us"--came to earth to die, rise again and return to heaven. Jesus is now seated at the right hand of God the Father interceding for us until he returns again in the future. Mike Tabor from The Happy Church shared with us as we continue to celebrate Advent. Join us as we think about what it means that because Jesus gave his life for us on the cross, we receive grace and mercy when we approach the throne room of God.


Advent is the season of the year we set aside to prepare our hearts to celebrate the arrival of Jesus as a baby 2000 years ago, as well as the return of Jesus in the future. Isaiah predicted that Messiah would be called "Immanuel", which means "God with us" (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23). What does this mean as we stand between what Jesus did and what we anticipate Jesus will do in the future? Join us as we begin an Advent series discovering afresh that the God who is with us is the same God who is for us.

Lies We Want to be True


Trust is such a complicated thing. Can God really be trusted? Join us as we dispel the lie that you cannot trust God if you don't understand everything about Him and what He's doing in your life.


We all want to be accepted for who we are. No one wants to feel condemned because of a particular shortcoming or failure. So is it fair and healthy to expect that everyone in a church must accept you for who you are? Join us as we talk about how Jesus--and others in the church--can accept you for who you are, yet at the same time love you too much to allow you to remain just as you are.


We will continue our series Lies We Want to be True. Many of us want to believe that we can “have it all.” We’ll look at how this phrase has different meanings to each of us, but how the pursuit of “all of it” can damage us and our relationship with God.


It's a lie as old as time. The temptation to do whatever they wanted at the expense of other people seduced Adam and Eve in the Garden, and it continues to seduce us today. We want to believe that we are free to do whatever we want, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. We expose this lie and correct it with the truth that our sin always hurts us, God, and others.


Sometimes people say things that sound like something God would say, but actually are lies with serious consequences. One promise God never made to us was that He would never give us more than we could handle, yet this promise is often offered to grieving people. This assertion actually puts our trust in the wrong place and sets God up to disappoint. Join us as we begin a new series unpacking this first of a set of lies we want to be true.


Titus (October 14, 2018).001.jpeg

If you’ve ever been given a big task, you know how valuable specific guidance and timely encouragement can be. At such times, applying “the basics” becomes a crucial matter. As we revisit Paul’s instructions to Titus, we will see that godly character and good works serve as the brick and mortar resting upon a healthy, Christ-centered foundation.

Show God's Love, Part Two


We are planting an orchard! God has uniquely placed each one of us where we are to expand the Kingdom of God into dark places. Each week we gather in order to invigorate one another and then scatter in order to infuse our world with the life-changing gospel message. Join us as we finish our series answering the question, "What does our orchard look like?"