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Investing in Kids & Families

Each Sunday, through bible lessons and activities, our kids are encouraged to journey with Jesus in their daily lives at home, at school, and in their communities. We love involving parents, too, by giving you tools to walk alongside your children that correlate with what they learn Sunday morning. (See “October’s Parent Tools” link below ). Kids Community is staffed by a great team of volunteers who love Jesus, who love kids, and who love to shepherd kids in their relationships with Jesus.

How do I involve my child? 

Upon arrival, one of our greeters will direct you to our Kids Community Registration Room. Parents will check-in their children, birth-5th grade, each Sunday upon arrival.


Nursery: Birth through age 1

Ages 2-3, Ages 4-5, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5 each have their own separate classroom

What can I expect? 

After check-in, children ages birth-kindergarten will go directly to their classes. The 1st-5th grade children will worship with their parents during the first part of our gathering and dismissed to classes right before the sermon. All children are picked up by their parents from their individual classrooms following the worship service. If you need help finding the classrooms, our Kids Community Volunteers are happy to direct you to the rooms.


We provide tools for parents!


What is Kids Community’s Vision?


The foundation of Kids Community is rooted in our seven values: every child matters, our families matter, the church matters, helping others matters, the truth matters, our journeys matter and every Sunday matters. These values give us a broad perspective and a big picture of ministry which allows us to narrow our focus to the how. In our Kids Community we:

1.    Equip ministers for effectiveness

2.    Shepherd kids toward faith and obedience

3.    Walk alongside parents in guiding their kids

4.    Connect families through building relationships

These four points determine our focus and our priority which helps give structure to Kids Community.

We also use building blocks as tools to show the children what our journey with Jesus looks like daily. These building blocks are

1.    Love for Jesus (growing in our relationship with Jesus)

2.    Loyalty to Family (honoring our families)

3.    Lending a Helping Hand to Others (serving others)

4.    Living with Purpose (being on mission with Jesus)

With our values and tools, we seek to help your kids live the life to which Jesus is calling them.  

Questions? Click the contact tab and we’d love to chat or email our Director of Children’s Ministries at