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Seth grew up attending the Wooster Grace Brethren Church. During a particular sermon, Seth connected with the truth of the Gospel and decided to follow Jesus. He is thankful for the people in that church who helped him learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Seth first heard about Community of Hope through his connections with Grace College. When he and his wife, Erin, decided to settle down in Indiana, Community of Hope became his church family. Seth serves with the worship and tech teams, and occasionally preaches and teaches. He also leads the strategic planning team.

Seth is passionate about encouraging leaders and seeing people grow, and step into leadership. Seth lives with his wonderful wife, Erin, and his two amazing girls, Hailey and Campbell. 

Contact Seth at sethanash @ 

Kid’s Community


Tom grew up in a home that was spiritual, but not religious. His only exposure to the Christian church was when his Grandparents would occasionally take him and his sister. Through much of middle and high school, he could sense God, and would often pray before bed - usually for really important things like his girlfriend not breaking up with him ;). At the beginning of college, his Dad passed away. He was hurt and felt angry with God, and didn't talk to Him for years. Then he started dating his now wife. Amy was very transparent about her faith, and he could see something different in her. Eventually, he decided that he wanted that difference to be in himself, too. Right after graduating college, he was visiting a friend's family in Georgia. They ended up going to church while he was there. At one point the pastor asked everyone to close their eyes, and if anyone wanted to accept Christ into their heart to stand up. He couldn't help himself! He stood up and immediately felt filled by a warmth that must have been the Holy Spirit. It was awesome :).

Tom and Amy  moved here during the summer of 2011. They started looking for a church, tried one that wasn't a good fit, and then gave Community of Hope a try. They immediately felt so welcomed by everyone they met. It felt like home...and still does!

Tom's passions lie in the areas of Creation Care (environmental stewardship), education, and social justice. One of his favorite ways to serve is on the Farmers Market team because it really combines all three! There, they are supporting local, organic farmers, sharing information about healthy eating with the market customers, and helping folks use their SNAP and WIC benefits to get lots of yummy, healthy food.

 Tom has been married to his best friend since August 14, 2010. Amy and Tom have helped each other grow in so many wonderful, beautiful ways. After moving here, they adopted an amazing dog named Lexie, who earns her keep by chasing rabbits away from their garden. On March 31, 2016 their lives changed in the most incredible way as they welcomed their daughter, Felicity, into the world. They are blessed and thankful beyond words!

 Contact Tom at tchartzell @ or (814)-404-7901.



Jeni Mullet
Kids Community

Jeni grew up in a Christian home attending Good Shepherd United Brethern in Huntington all of my childhood.  She gave her life to Jesus and was baptized when in 4th grade.  After college she got a job as a classroom teacher in Columbia City and began looking for a church home.   After meeting her husband Wes, who already loved and attended Community of Hope, it became her church family as well.  Already being a teacher and having a love for children and their growth,  it was a natural fit to get involved with the Children's ministry team. Jeni enjoys watching the kids' knowledge grow and their relationships with each other flourish.  She love being a part of the Community of Hope family!